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Our communication equipments are best in market for quality and value, supported by strategic partnerships with trusted manufacturers, and we specialize in broadband connectivity solutions for government institutions, enterprises, educational, ISP and Telco operators.

Tainet T-336Cx V.34 Analog Modem

Free Space Optics (FSO)

CableFree MIMO OFDM Radio Antennas

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Hi-Optel 1G Optical Transceivers (1000BASE-T SFP Copper RJ-45 100m)

Hi-Optel 400G Optical Transceivers (400G-QSFP-DD FR4 1310nm 2km)

Hi-Optel 400G Optical Transceivers (400G-QSFP-DD DR4 1310nm 0.5km)

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THOR Telephone Signal Surge Protector (TRSS-RJ11)

THOR Surge Protector Board (TRSL)

THOR Signal Surge Protector (TRSS-BNC)

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Type 1+ 2 DC Photovoltaic Surge Protector (TRS3-C40 1000V)

THOR Type 1+2 AC Surge Protector (TRS30B+C limp 8ka)

THOR Type 1+2 AC Surge Protector (TRS30B+C limp 4.5ka)

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Our visual display solutions ranges from LCD display screens, transparent LED, to interactive retail solutions, for brands that intend to reach out and engage with audiences creatively. We offer conference room solutions with choices of interactive smart panel, integrated multitouch solutions, and video wall display to cater to different needs. Our Smart AI technology includes functions of facial recognition and temperature screening that can be implemented at office buildings, visitor counter regstration or access gate entrance.

Portable LED Panel Display

98M3A 98-inch Super Interactive Flat Panel

Indoor Fix LED Display

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